So in other news, I just opened the DVD box of “European Vacation” I got a week ago, and I’ve discovered that the shop accidentally put the wrong DVD in the box (they’ve put in “Vacation”, which is the previous film in the series).

I could watch something else, but I’m slightly hungover and was looking forward to some National Lampoon (I watched Vacation recently, so that’s not an option).

I also got “Constantine”, the movie from a few years back, as the talk about the upcoming series reminded me of it - but that’s pretty heavy going for a hungover Sunday morning.

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when you’re in a restaurant and have your food, and the waiter comes to see if “everything’s alright” and you’re just


I really feel sorry for waiting staff who are made to do this as part of their job, as opposed to the situations where it might be helpful (like they’re just doing the rounds). I used to have to do that, and you know those people don’t want to be disturbed.

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My NERF Longshot recently arrived, and I started work modding it into my new Mass Effect rifle! I also ordered a scope from eBay.

First step was to make sure I could attach the scope. This ended up being a problem, as although Nerf tactical rails look sufficiently “meaty”, they’re not actually the right size for picatinny rail accessories (the standard for rifle attachments, both for real weapons and airsoft). I had to use my Dremel and grind down the rail order to make it fit.

I also found time (though not pictured) to grind off the NERF logos.

As a small plus, the scope actually works! Not bad for a tenner off eBay.

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I've seen that you've answered some questions based on Cosplay.. And I was wondering if you would help me with mine. I'm a girl and I really want to cosplay but I happen to have hips that people call "child bearing hips" because of how big they are (they're 51 inch) and my mom and others have told me I cant wear skirts or dresses because of my hips and the way my body is shaped.. Is there anyway I can cosplay? I dont know what to do..

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Alright I’m going to be mean when I say this, but it’s the first thing out of my mind and I am just gonna write it: Fuck your mom and others.

I do not understand how ‘child bearing hips’ can nullify a girls ability to wear skirts. After all, if you do anything with a hoop skirt you are mimicking twice to three size your hip size in a skirt. A tube skirt or a pencil might be more difficult to size depending on your waist/hip ratio.

So my biggest advice to you is:

If you are plotting to do your own costume and you’re unsure if you can get something to properly size to your hips, then it’s time to learn how to sew! Learning how to size something to your body is also very important for dealing with the inconstancies of women’s clothing. Hips/waist stuff are probably the worst, so by learning to sew you can adjust and change new clothing without having to pass up on that skirt/dress that just doesn’t fit right.

But yes, you can cosplay. :) There is nothing to stop you but yourself and whatever worth you put on other peoples opinions (which by the way are toxic from how I read it so it’s time to let them know how harmful they are.)